Owner/Operator Licenses - Drive With Us

Flexible schedule, profitable industry, no sales required!

WhiteGlove4Less is looking for Owner/Operators who want to deliver.

Not just deliver FURNITURE, but deliver on a unique and different brand promise to disrupt the furniture buying and delivery process, while reducing our carbon footprint along the way.

WhiteGlove4Less Owner/Operators are independent business owners. You license an exclusive territory and earn payments for all deliveries you perform in that territory. As your business grows, so does the value of the territory. We help you aquire it. We help you grow it. And, when and if you are ready, we can help you sell it. But our hope is that we form a longer term relationship and enjoy the ride along the way.

Three major benefits are at the heart of our value-offer to you:

  1. Our Software
  2. Our Business Model
  3. Our People

Our Software

As an Owner/Operator for WhiteGlove4Less, you have access to our high-tech, easy-to-use Delivery Management Software (DMS) system. It works much like a ridesharing platform. Delivery orders arrive in our PC-based console and our mobile app (Android and iPhone) alerts you to available deliveries in your area, which you can either accept or decline. You earn payments for all deliveries you complete.

Our Business Model

What really sets WhiteGlove4Less apart is our unique business model. Our parent company is Kozy & Green, an eco-minded, sustainable, e-commerce furniture company. Our sister brands are iDeal Furniture, Kozy Furniture and Perfect Dreamer Mattresses among others. So we enjoy a huge advantage in that our initial growth comes from delivering...wait for it...for OURSELVES! Growing our furniture business grows our delivery demand. (Beautiful, right?)

And from there it just gets better. Our nationwide sales team is setting up new customers with additional delivery business in your local area. You can choose to accept or decline any assigned job. It's always up to you how fast you want to grow. And you can even add additional drivers to form a team and earn payments on their deliveries as well.

Plus, as part of the team, you'll have access to wholesale prices from all of our furniture manufacturers. And who doesn't like deals on furniture?

Our People

WhiteGlove4Less was founded by entrepreneurs who know what it's like to run a business on a shoestring. Our founder has been selling and delivering furniture for decades and understands the challenges from all sides...as a Shipper, as a Customer and as a Driver! We have experts in all phases of both DOING the business as well as GROWING the business.

You'll benefit from years of practical experience and insider information. At WhiteGlove4Less, our drivers are valued members of the team.

And there is much more to the story...

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