Warehouse / Distribution Center Opportunities

For our next trick...we'll turn your excess capacity into cash!

Warehouse / Distribution Center Opportunities

For our next trick...we'll turn your excess capacity into cash!

Are you losing money on unused warehouse space? Have we got a unique solution for you!

Distribution Centers are an integral part of the WhiteGlove4Less delivery solution. They receive shipments, make deliveries, and perform other services as needed to provide a full, stress-free logistics solution for our customers. And they are a hub for local Owner/Operator driver teams.

We’re currently expanding our base of authorized Distribution Centers nationwide.

As additional delivery accounts are opened by the WhiteGlove4Less sales team, the DC provides essential services to support our Owner/Operator driver teams. Items requiring local White Glove delivery service arrive at a DC and are assembled and “deluxed” in preparation for final delivery to a customer. You earn payments for providing the space to do light assembly and for loading, unloading and any short term storage of furniture items.

At the center of the action.

As a company, WhiteGlove4Less goes beyond just making last-mile deliveries to customers. We can also arrange inbound freight shipments including LTL, store "forward inventory" across the country to enable reduced delivery times, and much more. As a Distribution Center owner, you'll be right at the center of all the action!

If you have access to warehouse space, a little or a lot, please fill out the form on this page. Tell us the physical address of your property and any other details you can provide (available square footage, number of truck bays, elevated docks, etc.) We'll get back to you right away.

Distribution Centers - Frequently Asked Questions


How does a Distribution Center make money?

The DC earns a payment on every delivery that comes through their location. Amounts vary depending on services provided. In addition, every DC has access to our furniture brands that enables purchasing furniture and mattresses at wholesale prices. (And who doesn't like getting a deal on furniture?)

How much can a DC earn?

Earnings vary based on the type and number of deliveries, other services you may choose to provide (cross-docking, warehousing, etc.) Our corporate sales team is driving growth and you can participate further within your local market to increase your volume and earn more. So this could be a small offset to your otherwise empty floor space, or an entirely new revenue stream for you.

What size and type of building is required for a DC?

Many people are attracted to operating a DC because of the tremendous flexibility for building and growing a logistics business with WhiteGLove4Less. A key advantage for a DC location is to have a usable, elevated dock space that can accommodate a 53’ semi. As for size, as little as 2,000 square feet and up can work. This may be only an unused corner of your warehouse that you can use for light assembly and inspection of furniture. With a larger space, you could store inventory, handle more drivers and multiple, simultaneous deliveries. This really is a grow as you go model. Location should be temperature controlled and secure.

What types of deliveries will my DC handle?

WhiteGlove4Less provide three delivery service levels: White Glove, Threshold and Curbside. Authorized DCs support all levels of WhiteGlove4Less deliveries.

What is a Threshold delivery?

With Threshold deliveries, items are delivered in their factory packaging to the first inside dry space, typically just “over the threshold”, thus the name.

What is a White Glove delivery?

White Glove deliveries are first taken to a DC, items are unpacked, assembled and deluxed (deluxing involves touching up minor defects, surface scratches, chips; replacing any missing parts, screws, washers, etc.) Items are then blanket-wrapped and loaded onto the delivery truck.

Does a DC do the furniture assembly and/or deluxing services?

Those activities happen at the DC, but we have different ways to perform these.We can discuss details and see what works for you.

What other services does a DC provide?

When a delivery involves a long distance, a service called LTL is used to save shipping costs. LTL uses semi-trucks that carry multiple loads from multiple shippers. However, semis cannot generally provide residential delivery. The DC provides cross-docking service to move items between a semi-truck and a residential box truck when LTL service is required. Some short-term storage of items may be required as these multiple delivery “legs” don’t generally happen in the same day.

How will my DC get delivery accounts?

Through our affiliation with the Furniture Chamber of Commerce, and our national sales team, we focus customer acquisition efforts where we have DCs. Any deliveries within about a 50 mile radius will use your DC. Some DCs also choose to solicit local deliveries from nearby stores.The more deliveries you can handle, the more revenue you can generate.

What expenses does a DC have to pay?

The DC pays all their own expenses for rent, utilities, insurance, payroll, etc.

Can a DC get a share of the delivery charge and pay their own drivers?

Yes you can. This requires pre-approval, a modified license agreement and a special setup in our software platform. Certain restrictions and other fees apply. We'd be happy to discuss this with you in more detail.

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