Our History

Experience makes the difference.

For over 35 years, Larry Kozin has been the innovator in creating new marketing methods in the mattress & furniture industries. The concepts have been based on the philosophy of picking low hanging fruit off a Huge Industry. By creating lower overhead models and building teams of partners, instead of hiring employees, it became a simple process of creating volume without the risks and downside liabilities normally associated with traditional retail stores.

While the majority of Independent Mattress & Furniture Operators fail every year, iDealFurniture, the most recent innovation has become the fastest growing Network of mattress & furniture brokers in the United States, with over 300 outlets sold in less than 8 years. The iDealFurniture model helps new & seasoned entrepreneurs get in to the furniture business on a part time basis, working by appointment only out of a small warehouse, retail shop or flex space and also supplies the Brokers with name-brand furniture & mattresses that they would not be able to purchase, if they were not part of the Network.

Logistics is the last piece of the puzzle. Currently, just like EVERY other furniture business, we have been forced to use 3rd party, National, Regional & Local Shipping Companies. Their costs are outrageous and ultimately gets passed on to the customer. WhiteGlove4Less is the Local Delivery & Installation SOLUTION that can offer a much higher quality service for a fraction of the cost, not only to iDealFurniture Network Partners, but to EVERY Mom & Pop Furniture & Mattress Store, who is frustrated with the poor service and high costs charged by traditional trucking companies.

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