Why Use WhiteGlove4Less?


We take the worry out of getting it there.
Logistics aren’t your business, so why accept the headaches of inferior delivery providers? We make it easy for you to add high-quality, expert delivery service to your customer value-promise.


We don’t just DO furniture delivery – we LIVE it.
Our founders are furniture store owners who’ve lived through the challenges you face every day. Customer expectations continue to rise and WhiteGlove4Less is here to help you meet and exceed them!


Providing exceptional service at a fair price.
It may sound simple, but we eliminate the guesswork and provide you with a turn-key solution that saves you money and increases profits to your bottom line.

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What’s the WhiteGLove4Less Difference?

Say goodbye to damaged merchandise.

Our network provides transparency and accountability to make sure your shipments arrive undamaged, and that your customers receive their new furniture in perfect condition.

No more hidden or “nonsense” charges

Our straightforward pricing means you’ll never be surprised by hidden charges or bills that don’t make any sense.

Rock-solid tracking

Tired of wondering if your shipment has left the warehouse? Need to know for sure when it will arrive? Our sophisticated software ensures you’ll never be left in the dark again!

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Cutting-Edge Tech

Out with decades-old logistics tech. In with modern solutions!

Take your delivery business to the next level!

WhiteGlove4Less has developed a proprietary, purpose-built, Transportation Management System (TMS) that empowers operators to new levels of accuracy and efficiency. Key features include:

  • Customized cost estimates – automatic, per item metrics calculate your most profitable rates based on weight, distance, handle time and other variables.
  • Detailed schedule and route building – calculates arrival and departure times for all stops on your routes.
  • Powerful order assignment – assign pickups and deliveries across multiple drivers and vehicles.
  • Real-time tracking – displays your fleet on an interactive map, so you and your customers know exactly where their orders are and when they will arrive.
  • Dedicated driver screens with per-stop activity checkboxes for consistent results.
  • Comprehensive notifications – keep you and your customers updated if and when things change.
  • Paperless proof-of-delivery – capture electronic signatures and photos for pickups, deliveries or both!
  • Payment processing – Supports payments at any point in the delivery process…up front, at point of pickup/delivery, even via invoice for terms-based customers.
  • Backoffice support – From invoicing and customer service, to marketing and demand generation, add the services you need, skip the ones you don’t. It’s never been easier.
  • Responsive development team – New features and bugfixes deployed in weeks (sometimes days) instead of months, years…or never.
  • …and so much more.

The WhiteGlove4Less TMS is a cloud-based SaaS solution that provides a new level of insight and accountability for your business. Schedule a free demo to see how we can help take your business to the next level!

Clean, actionable dashboard:

Administrator dashboard shows all stop details and route status. Advanced ease of use with real-time map view and easy drag and drop to reassign and reorder route stops.

Guided driver console:

A comprehensive checklist at each stop ensures accuracy and efficiency. Driver clears each task including any payment processing. Driver can collect credit card payments right in the TMS, and even add extra charges when necessary. Updated invoice lands immediately in the customer’s email.

Details at a glance:

Simplified driver “stop summary” provides high-level view of each upcoming stop. Pickups and Deliveries are arranged in the most efficient sequence.

Much more:

WhiteGlove4Less’ cloud-powered software provides insight and accountability you’ve never had access to before. Schedule a free demo to see the full breadth of how our modern tech can help your business!

All-Inclusive Logistics

We handle it all, so you don’t have to.

From the factory to you…from you to your customer…and everywhere in between!

Let’s face it: If your business isn’t logistics, then logistics are probably a distraction at best. Why deal with it when WhiteGlove4Less can literally handle the entire logistics chain for you? Save yourself some time, stress, and money so you can focus on the parts of your business that really need you!

Last-Mile Delivery

Professional delivery personnel will carefully deliver and assemble your customers’ purchases and clean up afterwards, all in record time.


Assembly & Repair

Our experts can assemble your merchandise and repair minor defects, saving you time and ensuring what you sell stays sold.


Supply Chain Solutions

From FT to LTL, warehousing, freight pooling and more, learn how we can tame your logistics.


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Happy Customers

I saved money with a Threshold delivery and everything was delivered perfectly. I only wish I’d have paid for White Glove service as I had to get rid of all the packaging and do some assembly myself.
Delivery Customer, Island Lake IL
Awesome Service. The delivery team called to arrange delivery and everything was setup and clean when they left.

Why We’re the Best:

Our founder, Larry Kozin, has been creating innovative new marketing methods in the mattress & furniture industries for over 35 years. For most of that time, logistics were a “necessary evil” at best.

The thing was, Larry knew it wasn’t just him. As the founder and leader of a network of mattress and furniture stores boasting nearly 300 independently-owned locations, Larry had a front-row seat to the nightmare of outdated logistics services worldwide.

With that kind of experience, Larry knew the difference between good delivery services and bad ones. The problem was, good ones were few and far between. Finally, Larry decided to do something about it and WhiteGlove4Less was born.

Old-fashioned logistics providers charge outrageous fees for sub-par service, causing lost profits for business owners and increased costs for consumers. WhiteGlove4Less is your supply-chain logistics solution that enables higher quality service for a fraction of the cost. Over the road or right in town, call with your challenge. If we can’t help, we know someone who can. Let’s do this.

The days of being frustrated by the poor service and high costs charged by traditional trucking companies are over. Switch to WhiteGlove4Less, and watch logistics go from being a soul-sucking liability in your business to being a worry-free, value-added service for both you and your customers!

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